Reading and Computer Glasses for Your Hair Color

Livening up your look doesn’t need to take a ton of money or time.  Reading and even computer glasses (you know, the ones you already use) make essential fashion accessories for any shade of grey.. or brunette.. or blonde.

Blonde Hair + Tortoise Frames

blonde hair purple tortoise glasses

Platinum, light gold and honey hair appear awesomely smart with tortoise specs.  Also try: Deep fuschia, violet or blue for a cool collection.  Candy Cat Eye optical glasses and glitzy, tortoise Downtown Abbey work perfectly.

Red Hair + Print Frames and Ombre

red hair and glasses

Revive your glasses to reflect a fascinating new spectrum of hair shades.  Hot pink and translucent frames work fabulously with any shade of red.  Shown here: Brooklyn Heights ombre frames or reading glasses and Detail bifocal reading sunglasses.


Dark-haired gals go for leopard print cat eye frames.  The light tan shade of retro Purr optical quality glasses is a gorgeous accent to brunette hair colors,, just like the rest of Debspecs animal prints!  Craving a solid frame instead?  Lioness designer glasses or frames make a glam statement for any season.

long grey hair braided glasses

Glistening silver and blue – a perfect look at any age.  Sophia reading or computer glasses feature an anti-glare melanin lens (computer glasses only) to reduce eye strain – also available in frames only.  Catmandu optical glasses by Melissa Eyewear are attractive feline-shaped designer glasses with animal print temples.







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