We have a new website - but why?

We have a new website - but why?

Posted by FarrellBurk on 9th Jun 2023

Do you have a new website? Yes, in fact we do, and we think it looks and feels great!

Do you agree?

We DID completely overhaul and upgrade our website in May. This was not a luxury, but a necessity, as our website was 10 years old. Every so often it is imperative to upgrade to keep up with advances in internet security, as well as integrate with other systems.

Though most of the feedback has been positive, we not only empathize with the "growing" pains, we share them!

There are a few changes that come when you build a new website and below we’ve outlined them to help you navigate and get back to your shopping as quickly as possible. Please review and let us know if you have any questions by contacting us at

1. You must reset your password. We could NOT transfer passwords. It would be too risky to do this. Actually, it's not even possible as password data is encrypted. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

2. Where did everything go? We used to have our CATEGORIES running down the left side of the website. Now you can hover your mouse over the TOP menu where it says CATEGORIES. This is not by random design. Rather, it unlocks a powerful new browsing feature that we did not have before. Once you navigate to the desired category, you can drill it down by strength, gender, shape, etc.

4.Where is the Virtual Try On? Sadly we outgrew that feature, too, but we are working on a new one!

5. Stay tuned for new styles, colors and shapes coming in the next few weeks. To ensure you stay up to date, make sure you enter your email address on our home page.