Card Shark Dual Strength Bifocal

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High-quality lined bifocal lenses with power on both top and bottom. Available in 7 colors and two sizes for a comfortable fit.

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Introducing the Card Shark Dual Strength Bifocal

The ultimate solution for individuals seeking the perfect reading glasses for both up-close tasks and computer use. Our innovative Dual Strength Bifocal lenses offer power on both the top and bottom, providing unparalleled flexibility and clarity. Unlike traditional bifocals, our advanced design allows you to effortlessly focus on objects at varying distances without compromising your vision.

Say goodbye to the frustrating process of switching between multiple pairs of glasses or settling for subpar vision. With the Dual Strength Bifocal, you no longer have to compromise on your visual needs. The top lens of our bifocals is engineered with a weaker power specifically tailored for computer use, while the bottom lens provides your usual reading power. This way, you can effortlessly transition between your everyday tasks with enhanced ease and comfort.

Designed with the finest optical CR39 material, our lenses ensure exceptional clarity and durability. The unique construction of these lined bifocal lenses allows for optimal performance, ensuring you can enjoy clear vision for both reading and computer work. Crafted with a timeless rectangular frame made from high-quality TR90 plastic, our Dual Strength Bifocals offer both flexibility and resilience. Choose from an impressive range of stunning colors to complement your individual style and personality.

Large size is 5-2/3" x 1-1/2" for wide faces or mm frame optical measurements 56-17-145


Medium size is “5-1/3 x 1-1/2"  for average size faces or mm optical measurement 53-17-140


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6 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5

    Guy Keith Farrar 4th Jan 2024

    dual strength bifocal

    These glasses are great!! They provide a clear vision for both powers. The quality is excellent.

  • 5

    Mike G 29th Jul 2022

    perfect for work at home

    Just what I needed. Works perfectly. Now I don't have to switch between glasses .

  • 5

    DRH 29th Jul 2022

    Nice glasses for folks who feel....

    Nice glasses for folks who feel cheated when they go to the fancy eye places. These work well. with good optical quality. My only suggestion would be for a little less yellow intensity on the tint option.

  • 5

    MKG 10th Jul 2022

    works for me

    Works for me. Perfect for working at my computer. I got the 1.50/2.50. I just wish there was an extra wide option.

  • 5

    Todd 14th Apr 2022

    Work great

    I don't need two different strengh glasses, one pair for reading computer screen and reading close up for books etc. Really like them.

  • 4

    DWP 11th Oct 2021

    Great but did not work for me. Your milage may vary. Worth a look.

    These are just want I needed post-cataract surgery. The folks here were helpful and shipping was fast. Sadly, the placement of the bifocal insert was just too low for my needs and I found myself looking through the top line much of the time. This will vary by individual so it may work fine for you. It is worth trying out! And the refund was swift and easy! Cheers