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Changes to the website and our rules

Sometimes, we might make changes to the rules for using our website. If we do, and you keep using our website after the changes, it means you agree to follow the new rules. We can also make changes to our website, like moving or removing parts, or adding new things to it.



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Errors or Omissions

Sometimes, there might be mistakes or missing information on debspecs.com. This could include errors in product descriptions, prices, or availability. We can fix these mistakes and update information whenever we need to, even after you've placed an order. We're sorry if this causes any trouble for you. If you're not happy with your purchase from Debby Burk optical, you can return it by mail along with your invoice. To learn more about our return policy, you can check out the footer menu.


How We Settle Disputes -  Arbitration

If there's a legal disagreement or problem related to this agreement or our services, we have a special way to solve it. Instead of going to court, we reserve the right to use arbitration. Wherein an arbitrator, will listen to both sides and make a decision. This process follows specific rules. Each disagreement will be dealt with separately and won't be mixed with other people's issues. The arbitration will happen in Chicago, IL and the decision can be enforced by a court. Before the arbitration is completed, if needed, either you or we can ask a court in Chicago, IL, for temporary help to protect our rights. We'll share the costs of arbitration equally.


Seek Advice From Your Healthcare Professional

The information you find on our website, or that our employees or agents give you through phone, email, letter, or fax, is meant to provide general guidance and knowledge. It's not medical advice. If you need medical help, it's important to talk to your own doctor, eye doctor, or other healthcare professional before making any decisions. Any questions or feedback you send us does not create a professional relationship, and the privacy of your information is described in our Privacy Policy.


The information on our website is there to give you a general idea of things, but we can't guarantee it's always accurate, complete, or useful. If you rely on this information, you're doing so at your own risk. We're not responsible for any problems that might happen if you or someone else relies on the information on our website.


Disclaimer & Limited Liability

This website and everything on it are provided just as they are, without any guarantees. That means there are no promises that it will work perfectly, be safe from computer viruses or malware, or do exactly what you want it to do. When you use the website, you're taking the risk yourself and you're responsible for any costs of fixing or maintaining your own equipment. If anything goes wrong while using the website, the company that owns it, Fulkrem LLC, is not responsible for any damages or problems that might occur.

Debby Burk Optical, along with its affiliates, employees, officers, representatives, and suppliers, want to make sure you understand that they're not responsible for certain things. If anything happens, like personal injury or damage, they won't be held accountable, even if it's because of mistakes, accidents, or other people's actions. They won't be responsible for any harm that exceeds the amount you paid for the products.

When you use the website, you also agree to protect and defend Debby Burk optical. This means that if anyone makes a claim against them because of your actions on the website, you'll take responsibility for it. This includes paying for any damages, costs, or lawyer fees that might come up.


If this website has links to other websites or resources that aren't controlled by Debby Burk Optical, and if you have any concerns or questions about those links or the things they lead to, you should contact those websites or resources directly.


This website is mainly meant to show and promote Debby Burk Optical' products and services in the United States and some other countries. It's run by Debby Burk Optical from their offices in Naperville, IL.


This agreement will continue to be in effect until either you or Debby Burk Optical decide to end it. You have the right to end this agreement whenever you want. Debby Burk Optical can also end this agreement without notice if they believe you haven't followed the rules. If this agreement ends, you need to delete any materials you downloaded from this website, along with any copies you made.