The Truth About No Line Bifocals

Posted by FarrellBurk on 16th Oct 2020

Many people inquire about no-line bifocals. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but
there is no such thing as no-line bifocals in the over the counter market just yet.

Here's why: The only way to manufacturer a lens that truly has no line is for the power located on the bottom of the lens to gradually change over to the power on top. In other words, there is a band located in the middle of the lens whose power progresses from the bottom area to top. This is what's known as no-line, interchangeably called multi focal or progressive readers. As of 11-10-2021, there is one company who claims to have made a no line bifocal, but they have yet to return our inquiries for samples nor offer a price. We suspect for now that they are very expensive.

The next question people often ask is "do we carry a no-line" that is zero power on top. Yes, but, to be honest, they can be annoying and hard to get used to. They're one of those products whose reality is often a disappointment compared to the envisioned ideal. Imagine looking through the middle band, directly in your line of site, and that band isn't a set power but rather progresses from your reader power all the way to zero power. Your eyes have to find the focal "sweet spot", then "lock in" at that point. Most of our customers have better luck with our more inexpensive multifocals. These are NOT zero on top. Rather the top portion is about 50% of the bottom. This makes that middle band easier to use. That being said, many customers who are already accustomed to progressives like our zero top multi focals. Keep in mind that they're NOT good for driving, as that variable magnification is located right in your line of site. Multi focals are best for office use, where people often need different powers for reading their computer monitor, phone and papers on their desk.
The BEST products if you like bifocals but don't want others to see a line are
"hidden bifocals".
They're easy for your eyes to use, but they have the added advantage of disguising themselves so when other people look at you, it's less obvious that you're wearing bifocals. I stress again,
hidden means they're KIND OF hidden. Again, there really is no such thing as a bifocal with no line. You can read about hidden INNER bifocals, and hidden BLENDED bifocals here>> or view the quick video below.