Black Jack All Reader - with Dimmer Lenses

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Our classic Black Jack style with photochromic dimming that allows the lens to darken when presented in sunlight. Keep one pair of glasses to use throughout the day with choices in 7 colors and two different sizes.

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Photochramatic lenses that's affordable and high quality. Debspecs new "Dimmer" lenses get dark in direct sunlight. The lenses also have blue filter properties to filter harmful blue rays and help reduce eye strain and fatigue caused by staring at your device. Premium AR coating included! The product you are looking at is for single vision lenses. The entire lens is magnified.

    In summary, lenses have these features.
  1. They are high end computer lenses that filter out blue AND UV light
  2. Industry standard 100% UV protection. (UVa and UVb)
  3. Lens color: Grey
  4. They have an added premium AR coating
  5. The whole lens is magnified.
  6. All of the above PLUS LIGHT SENSITIVE LENSES that turn to UV protected sunglasses when outside
  7. Impressively fast transition from clear to sunglass.
  8. Dimmer lenses only work in DIRECT sunlight, and not through a windshield or window.
  9. As a rule, photochromatics don't get as dark as regular sunglasses. We feel these do reach a pretty dark tint, proportionate to the brightness. However, if you have super sensitive eyes and prefer the darkest of dark sunglasses, you may not be satisfied.

About the frame: Simple, elegant rectangular reading glasses in modern, fun colors. Lightweight, and made of a comfortable flexible material. These glasses don't need spring hinges, the hinges are solid state, and the temples are flexible yet resilient and don't morph out of shape.

  • 1-1/2" x 5-1/3" for average face sizes
  • 53-17-140
  • Hard case included
  • Lenses are all-reading, the entire lens is magnified, they aren't bifocals.

Choose from Large or Medium

  • Large size is 5-2/3" x 1-1/2" for wide faces or 56-17-145 mm frame optical measurement.
  • Medium size is 5-1/3" x 1-1/2"  for average face sizes or 53-17-140 optical frame mm measurement


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