Pick Cat Eye Glasses for Your Face Shape: The Ultimate Guide

Pick Cat Eye Glasses for Your Face Shape: The Ultimate Guide

Posted by Team Debby on 28th Apr 2024

Pick Cat Eye Glasses for Your Face Shape: The Ultimate Guide

Selecting the perfect pair of cat-eye glasses to complement your face shape is both an art and a science. With this iconic style's ascent in fashion, we understand the importance of choosing frames that not only match personal style but also enhance facial features.

Cat-eye glasses, characterized by their upswept frames, can add a touch of vintage elegance to your look while accentuating your natural contours.

A collection of cat eye glasses arranged in front of different face shapes for comparison

We recognize that every face shape is unique, so the key to finding your ideal cat-eye glasses lies in balance and proportion.

For instance, individuals with round faces may benefit from cat-eye frames that have a more pronounced upsweep at the edges. This can help extend the appearance of the face for a more balanced look. Meanwhile, those with square faces might opt for frames that are slightly rounded to soften their angular features.

Those with round faces may benefit from cat-eye frames that have a more pronounced upsweep at the edges. This can help extend the appearance of the face for a more balanced look. On the other hand, those with square faces might opt for frames that are slightly rounded to soften their angular features.

It's essential to consider the width and scale of the glasses in relation to your face. We advise that the glasses should align with the width of your face and not extend beyond it, ensuring a harmonious fit.

For those with petite features, delicate frames may be more flattering, while those with prominent features can afford to choose more bold and angular designs.

Understanding Face Shapes

A variety of face shapes with cat eye glasses displayed for each shape

Choosing the right eyeglasses involves understanding the intricacies of various face shapes. Our goal is to match frames that accentuate your features and maintain a natural balance to your proportions.

Oval Face Shape

An oval face shape is typically well-balanced and slightly longer than it is wide. It features a chin slightly narrower than the forehead, allowing versatility in frame choice. Round glasses or rectangular frames can both complement this face shape by maintaining its natural harmony.

Round Face Shape

A round face is characterized by its equal width and length, along with soft, curved lines. To add definition, we recommend angular or rectangular frames that make the face appear longer and slimmer.

Square Face Shape

Square faces showcase a strong jawline and broad forehead with the width and length in the same proportions. Frames that are round or oval can help soften the angular features and add contrast to the face's natural robustness.

Diamond Face Shape

The diamond face shape is distinguished by high, dramatic cheekbones, a narrow forehead, and chin. To highlight these features, we suggest frames that have detailing or distinctive brow lines, such as cat-eye glasses or rimless styles.

Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face has a broad forehead, high cheekbones, and a narrow chin. To balance the width at the top of the face, frames that are wider at the bottom, like those with low-set temples or bottom-heavy lines, work best.

Triangle and Pear Face Shapes

Faces that are triangle or pear-shaped have a narrow forehead and broaden towards the chin, known as a base-down triangle. To add width to the forehead, choose frames with color accents and detailing on the top half.

Identifying Your Face Shape

To identify your face shape, look at the outline of your face in the mirror, focusing on the widest point of your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. The shape that most closely resembles these contours will guide your frame choice.

Face Shape and Frame Style Relation

Understanding the relationship between face shape and frame style ensures you choose glasses that enhance your features. For example, oval faces can wear almost any frame style while heart-shaped and base-down triangle faces benefit from frames that add width to the top of the face.

Selecting the Perfect Cat-Eye Frames

A hand reaches for a display of cat-eye frames, carefully comparing shapes and sizes. The selection process is deliberate, with attention to detail and consideration for the face shape

Cat-eye glasses are a classic look that can be tailored to enhance your features. We'll guide you through the considerations of frame size, color, materials, and design elements that contribute to the perfect pair of cat-eye frames.

Frame Size and Face Proportion

The size of the frames should be in harmony with the proportions of your face. For oval faces, most cat-eye sizes work well, but if you have a round face, you should opt for angular cat-eye frames that can help elongate your face. Meanwhile, square faces can be softened with frames that have more rounded edges and those with heart-shaped faces may find frames that are wider at the top than the bottom flatter their narrow jawline.

  • Small Face: A delicate frame that doesn't overwhelm.
  • Medium Face: A classic cat-eye shape that maintains balance.
  • Large Face: Larger frames that make a statement.

Choosing Frame Color Based on Skin Tone

When selecting a frame color, consider the undertone of your skin. For cool complexions with blue or pink undertones, colors like silver, blue, and pink can complement your skin. Meanwhile, warmer skin tones with gold and orange undertones can look great in gold, orange, peach, or even tortoiseshell.

  • Cool Complexion: Opt for frames in silver, blue, or pink.
  • Warm Complexion: Gold or orange hues can be very flattering.

Frame Materials and Comfort

Comfort is as important as style when choosing your glasses. Lightweight materials such as plastic or acetate are often preferred for their comfort throughout long wear. Meanwhile, metals like titanium are durable and also lightweight, but may feel different on the skin. Always try on a few pairs to gauge how they feel on your nose bridge and ears.

  • Acetate: Lightweight and colorful options.
  • Metal: Sleek and often adjustable for a tailored fit.

Design and Embellishments

Design elements add dimension and character to your glasses. Minimal embellishments might include subtle metal accents or a slight gradient in the frame color, conveying a stylish yet understated look. If you prefer something more bold, look for frames that have patterns, dimension, or prominent decorations that reflect your personal style.

  • Subtle Style: Accents that add elegance without overpowering.
  • Bold Style: Large or colorful embellishments that stand out.

Cat-Eye Glasses for Each Face Shape

Various face shapes with cat-eye glasses on display. Each pair of glasses is specifically chosen to complement the different face shapes

We understand the importance of choosing the right cat-eye glasses to complement different face shapes. Here, we will guide you through selecting the perfect pair to enhance your facial features.

Oval Face Complements

For those of us with an oval face shape, we are in luck as most frame shapes work well. However, to truly stand out, we should aim for cat-eye frames with a bold browline that adds an angular touch to our soft curves. A slight upward tilt can accentuate our cheekbones effectively.

Enhancing Round and Heart-Shaped Faces

If we have a round face shape, choosing cat-eye glasses with a subtle lift can make our face appear longer and more defined. For heart-shaped faces, frames that are wider at the top than the bottom help balance the width of our forehead with the narrower chin. Look for details such as geometric or angled edges on the cat-eye frames to complement these face shapes.

Frames for Square and Rectangular Faces

With a square face shape, it’s about softening our strong jawline and forehead. We should opt for cat-eye glasses with rounded edges and a high-set temple. Meanwhile, those of us with a rectangle face shape can benefit from frames that add width to balance our longer facial features. Look for cat-eye styles that have more pronounced curves and decorative details at the temples.

Diamond and Triangle Face Harmony

Diamond face shape individuals will find frames that are wider than their cheekbones or have detailing at the browline to be the most flattering. This highlights our eyes and softens our cheekbones. For those with a triangle face shape, selecting cat-eye glasses that put emphasis on the upper part of our face can bring a nice balance. Frames with embellishments or distinctive shapes on the top half work well in drawing attention upward.

Accessorizing with Cat-Eye Glasses

A table with various cat-eye glasses in different colors and styles, next to a mirror reflecting a face shape chart

When we choose cat-eye glasses, we must consider not only our face shape, but also how they complement our hair and brow line, as well as resonating with our personal style and personality for a cohesive and stylish look.

Coordinating with Hair and Brows

Hair Texture and Style:

  • Straight, Sleek Hair: Lean towards sharp, angular cat-eye frames that mirror the sleekness of your hair.
  • Curly or Wavy Hair: Rounded or softer cat-eye frames can harmonize with the natural waves.

Hair Color:

  • For light hair, consider frames with darker hues to create contrast.
  • For dark hair, lighter or vibrant colored frames can add a captivating pop.

Brow Line Match:

To create a seamless look, we aim to align the top frame of the glasses with our natural brow line. This cohesion subtly enhances our facial features without overwhelming them.

  • If our brows are straight, we opt for frames with a more linear rise.
  • For arched brows, we select frames that follow the natural curve, emphasizing the form.

Matching with Personal Style and Personality

Personal Style:

We understand that personal style is key to self-expression. Therefore, we suggest:

  • Classical: Choose cat-eye glasses with minimal adornments and traditional colors.
  • Trendy: Look for bold patterns or unique frame materials to stand out.


It's essential that our glasses reflect our personality:

  • If we're outgoing, frames with embellishments or distinctive accents might suit us.
  • For a more reserved character, we can opt for understated designs.

Celebrity Inspiration:

Observing celebrities who share our face shape and style can provide valuable insight into what types of cat-eye glasses complement specific features. We consider their choices as a reference point for our accessory decisions.

Where to Buy and Fitting

A display of various cat eye glasses in a store, with a mirror for trying them on. Different face shapes are illustrated next to each frame for fitting reference

When looking for the perfect cat-eye glasses, we must pay attention to where we buy them and how they fit our faces to ensure comfort and style.

Navigating the Shopping Process

We can find a variety of cat-eye glasses at local optometry shops, eyewear boutiques, and online stores. Each shopping option offers different advantages:

  • Local optometry shops: They offer personalized assistance and the ability to try on frames before purchasing.
  • Eyewear boutiques: They have unique and high-end designer frames that may not be found elsewhere.
  • Online stores: They provide convenience with a vast selection often at more competitive prices.

We should request assistance if we're uncertain about a frame's fit or style. Most shops offer help from experienced staff who can make recommendations based on our face shape.

Understanding the Commission System

Some eyewear retailers employ staff on a commission basis. Here's what we should know:

  • Commission-based assistance: Sales representatives may guide us towards more expensive frames or lens options.
  • Transparency: We can always ask if the staff works on commission to understand their suggestions better.
  • Balanced decisions: Our choice should balance their advice with what we need in terms of budget, style, and function.

Fitting and Adjustments

After purchasing our new glasses, proper fitting and adjustments are essential for comfort. Here is what we must do:

  1. Initial fitting: Ensure the frames rest comfortably on our nose and ears without slipping.
  2. Readjustments: Return to the place of purchase for free adjustments if we experience discomfort or the glasses do not sit correctly.

Our optician should make necessary changes so that our glasses fit perfectly, ensuring long-term comfort and preventing any issues related to improper fit.


A pair of cat eye glasses displayed on a clean, white surface, with soft lighting highlighting their sleek and stylish design

Selecting the perfect pair of cat-eye glasses for our face shape is an art in itself. We understand the critical nature of choosing a style that complements our look while staying true to our personal aesthetics. Cat-eye glasses, with their upward sweeping frame, can boost our style quotient effortlessly.

When we choose cat-eye glasses, we must consider the shape of our face. For oval faces, most cat-eye frames work well, while round faces benefit from angular designs that sharpen facial features. Those of us with square faces should opt for frames with curved edges to soften our strong jawlines, whereas individuals with heart-shaped faces may prefer frames that are wider at the bottom to balance their facial proportions.

Here’s a quick reference for our face shape:

  • Oval Face: Almost any style
  • Round Face: Angular cat-eye frames
  • Square Face: Curved cat-eye frames
  • Heart-Shaped Face: Wider-at-the-bottom cat-eye frames

It is crucial for us to not just follow trends, but also to listen to what works for our unique features. After all, glasses are not just vision-correcting tools; they're a reflection of our personality and a key accessory in our wardrobe. Let's choose wisely, embracing styles that elevate and reflect our best selves. Remember, the goal is to find the cat-eye glasses that make us look and feel confident. Our glasses are an extension of our personal style and should be selected with care.

Frequently Asked Questions

A pair of cat-eye glasses surrounded by various face shapes with a "frequently asked questions" banner above

Cat-eye glasses are a timeless accessory that can flatter various face shapes when chosen correctly. We'll address common inquiries to help you find the ideal pair for your features.

How can I determine if cat-eye glasses will complement my round face?

For a round face, we suggest opting for cat-eye glasses with a subtle uplift at the temples to create an elongating effect. Angular frames can also introduce structure and balance the soft curves of your face.

What type of cat-eye glasses are best suited for an oval face?

An oval face is versatile, but we find that cat-eye glasses with a well-defined browline and a slight upsweep can add a charming touch of character to your natural balance.

Are there specific cat-eye glasses styles recommended for men?

Yes, men can also embrace cat-eye glasses. We recommend frames with a broader and more geometric shape, which can provide a masculine edge to the classic design.

What are the guidelines for choosing cat-eye glasses based on different face shapes?

We advise selecting cat-eye glasses that contrast with your face shape. For square faces, gentle curves soften strong jawlines; for heart-shaped faces, frames that are wider at the bottom can provide equilibrium.

How to stay stylish with cat-eye glasses; are they still in trend?

Cat-eye glasses continue to be a fashionable choice. Our advice is to focus on pairs that resonate with current fashion trends, such as minimalistic designs or transparent materials, to remain up-to-date.

Can individuals with a fuller face confidently wear cat-eye frames?

Absolutely. Those with fuller faces should look for cat-eye frames with a more pronounced upsweep and wider dimensions. This can help balance facial proportions and add definition.