Creator - Progressive Multi-Focal Reader

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Keyhold style anti-reflective coated multi-focal progressive reading glass

1.50 Ounces


These glasses have strength on the TOP of lens.

Finally, an attractive quality multi focal progressive reader at an affordable price!

  • The no-line tri-focal lens is designed to meet our modern visual needs.
  • Use the same pair of glasses for papers, computers & devices.
  • Choose your ordinary reading strength.
  • This will be the power on the bottom, and the top powers are adjusted accordingly to meet the varying strengths of the average person.
  • This is a "one size" fits all solution, and the powers cannot be customized. However, they will suit most people, and can save hundreds of dollars over going to the optician.
  • Even other over the counter solutions are $10 to $80 more.

    -Bottom is 100% full reading power

    -Computer (middle) is a little less power

    -Across desk (top of lens) is 50%of full power

    • Choose your ordinary reading strength.


  • 5-1/3" x 1-3/4" for average
  • AR Coated,
  • Spring hinge


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