Super Low Vision Lenticular Readers +12.00 thru +20.00 -Swing Dance Music -

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$139.95 - $159.95

Enhance your reading experience with our Super Low Vision Lenticular Readers. Available in powers from +12.00 to +20.00. Perfect for low vision individuals.

1.50 Ounces
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Discover our Super Low Vision Lenticular Readers with powers ranging from +12.00 to +20.00, meticulously crafted to enhance low vision. These readers feature unique lenticular lenses that provide ultimate clarity, allowing for comfortable reading at a close distance. Ideal for individuals with low vision, these readers offer both functionality and style.

Measuring under 5-1/2' x 1-2/3', our readers are perfect for average to wide face sizes and come with a spring hinge for added comfort. With a fashionable frame design and vibrant color options available, these readers are a stylish solution for those in need of powerful lenses. Elevate your reading experience with our Super Low Vision Lenticular Readers.


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2 Reviews Write a Review

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    Patricia 4th Oct 2023

    Very nice hugh -power readers

    It is impossible to find high-power reading glasses for low vision that are fashionable and don't have super-thick lenses. These are nice looking and the lenses are shaped so they don't look so big. They are well made, but comfortable and lightweight on my nose. I have 4 pairs. DB, please don't ever stop offering these!

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    Gisele 6th Oct 2020

    They are perfect!

    We would like to thank you for the glasses we just received for our son. They were ordered by my husband. They are perfect. We have been searching for glasses for over a year now. Local optometry shops have sold us and keep trying to sell us the wrong shaped frames. They tell us big companies like Essilor can not produce the + 1400 lenses we need. We are so happy we found your shop. I have ordered a second pair to have just in case something happens to the first pair. Thank you for providing such an excellent service for low vision people. Thank you!!