Weekend Reading Glasses: Scarlet at Debspecs

TIBERIUS Artistic Frame Readers at Debspecs

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The rise of a fashion empire starts here.  Tiberius artful square frame readers at Debspecs are a necessary part of any Fall and Spring 2014/15 wardrobe.  The look is styled for both Men and Women and available in two shades: caramel tortoise or stately black. Get these glasses and other designer quality readers right now at Debby Burk Optical.

Looks Best On: Round or Oval-cheeked faces

tiberius frame glasses reading glasses

tiberius reading glasses debspecs

We LOVE Robert Redford’s round frames

While fashionistas lined up for shows & parties around NYC, Robert Redford looked no less stylish taking in the US Tennis Open Women’s final just a few miles away. We caught this live on TV, and want to thank Zimbio for this post.


And though we’re pretty confident he spent more than $13.95 for those glasses, an eerily similar reader is available at DebSpecs for just that. Check out Cameo round reading glasses.

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