Keno - Low Vision Lenticular Readers +12.00 thru +20.00

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Enhance your reading experience with Keno Low Vision Lenticular Readers. Available in powerful magnification levels to provide ultimate clarity for low vision individuals.

1.50 Ounces
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Introducing our Super Low Vision Lenticular Readers, available in +12.00, +14.00, and +16.00 +20.00 powers. These sleek and fashionable readers come with unique lenticular lenses that are specially designed to enhance low vision. Our frame shape offer an ideal solution for these powerful lenses.

Measuring just under 5-1/2" x 1-2/3", these readers are suitable for average to wide face sizes. Featuring a spring hinge and beautiful color options, they combine functionality with style. Designed for individuals with low vision, these super powerful readers require the reading material to be held only a few inches away for optimal viewing. Holding it further may cause distortion. Experience the ultimate clarity and enhance your reading experience with our Super Low Vision Lenticular Readers


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